The World’s First Immersive Adult’s Fairground Is Open In London

We’ve probably all felt it at some point. A pang of nostalgia that cuts deep whenever you pass a funfair; memories of candy-floss days running through your mind as you replay that third go on the helter skelter at least 15 years before.

Well, pine for days gone by no more! An immersive adult playground has arrived at Canary Wharf, and it has pretty much all you could dream of.

Five-metre hook a duck? Check. Whac-a-mole? Obviously. Hall of mirrors? You betcha. All the classic fairground games with a fresh take can be found at Fairgame. And, in true 21st-century fashion, each gamer can get their hands on an RFID wristband to log scores and purchase rounds on. Because interactivity is always the name of the game, dontcha know?

The experience arrived after four years in the making, and arrives at an unbeatable riverside location, which, of course, Fairgame is making use of. Your duck challenge game will be assisted by the North Dock; with the giant floating installation bound to draw any passers-by in hook, line and sinker.

And, as this is an adult fairground experience we’re talking about, you can gorge yourself giddy on prosecco-infused candy floss (yes, that is a thing, and yes, we are all desperate to taste it), as well as other boozy sweets and slushies, mouth-watering treats from Hackney Gelato and plenty of toffee apples to go round.

For those who fancy a tipple but don’t get down with candy floss (wrong, but understandable), there’s a fine spread of funfair-themed cocktails, alongside artisanal spirits and craft beer. Best of all, you can pay in advance and load up tokens on your swanky wristbands. Seamless, classy, effective – ticks all around.

Oh, and you’ll also be treated to some familiar faces at the funfair. The best kind, too. Familiar faces that will feed you a delicious meal, no questions asked. Think Rudy’s Pizza, Burger & Beyond, Dos Mas Tacos and more fanciful London street food vendors.

Fairgame has been brought to life by award-winning interior designer Patrick McKinney, who has ensured guests are covered on all bases – food, drink and fun.

Richard Hilton, co-founder and CEO of Fairgame, said: “Fairgame is a totally immersive experience where guests can eat, drink and be a kid again. The fairground has been enjoyed for generations and now we’ve combined the games everyone loves with state-of-the-art technology in an unbelievable setting. Guests will have the ultimate feeling of nostalgia: a proper ‘those were the days’ moment – now back as an epic night out.”

Fairgame invites you to “start with a beer and leave with a bear”… if you prove successful on the whac-a-mole. Helping you relive those cherished childhood memories for an evening, it’s a portal back into childhood that we could probably all use for a fleeting moment.

Tickets for Fairgame start at £15, and you can book your place here for the adult theme park that’s open now. Find it at 25 Fishermans Walk, E14 4DH.

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