The UK’s Biggest Taco Festival Returns This September For The Tacover 2.0

London’s love affair with Mexican food runs deep. And in particular, the city has a huge soft spot for tacos. Versatile, delicious, and able to be dressed up into a sophisticated meal, or noshed off of paper plates late at night – the taco is truly one of the greatest foods around. So, naturally, there’s a whole festival dedicated to them! The Tacover is the UK’s biggest taco festival, and hot off a successful weekend of events back in May they’re back for more with The Tacover 2.0, this September 16 & 17.

This time around, though, they’re bringing something new to the table. Or into your mouths, rather. This event is all about the evolution of the taco. Vendors have been asked to dig deep, be creative, and each come up with one ‘fusion taco’ offering. These will complement an offering that also includes a more traditional taco and a vegan option. Thanks to a huge range of Vegan, Gluten Free and Halal tacos, all tastes and diets are catered for. As an extra boon, the tacos are all capped at just £4 apiece.

people sitting in the sunshine at signature brewery during the tacover festival
Credit: Tacover

Since nothing goes together quite like tacos and beer, where else could a taco festival be held, but at an esteemed craft brewery? Signature Brew will be hosting the taco-fuelled celebration of the handheld delights, and, naturally, they’ll be serving up plenty of suds to wash them down. Non-beer drinkers are plentily catered for too, with drinks from Mexican soda-makers Jarritos (who in this writer’s opinion make some of the best carbonated bevs around).

Who will be serving up tacos?

At May’s Tacover (aka Tacover 1.0), taco-slingers included the likes of Homies on Donkeys (winners of the BBC’s Best Takeaway of The Year), MexClub, Proper Taco’s, Tigre Tacos, and many more. And there is a similarly stacked lineup ready and waiting for The Tacover 2.0.

Taco vendors at September’s taco festival range from all across the UK. They include the likes of Nopalito, MASA Tacos, and Pako Taco, as well as a variety of traders already known for their taco fusion dishes, and many more.

Plus, with drinks from sponsors Jarritos, Tiempo Tequila, and Las Olas Rum, thirsts will be more than sated and it’s sure to be a spirited festival. (We’ve heard there will even be tasters and freebies on offer!)

someone pouring from a bottle of jarritos into a waiting cup
Credit: Tacover

The Tacover will take place across three sessions over the weekend. These include family-friendly daytime sessions and raucous, party-fuelled evenings. The final session on Sunday afternoon will culminate with the moment of judgment, as awards are handed out to the top vendors.

So, what are you waiting for? Nab your ticket before they all sell out! And in case you need any more convincing, they’ve even got discounted Saturday Lunch Session tickets for just £9 each!

The Tacover 2.0 will take place on September 16 & 17, at Signature Brew Blackhorse Road, Unit 15, Uplands Business Park, Blackhorse Lane, E17 5QJ. The nearest station is Blackhorse Road.

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